3D Printing
Prototypes and unique objects

We print custom-made objects on order. All you have to do is send us the file and we'll do the rest.

3D printing allows the creation of industrial prototypes without incurring the costs of a mold, so as to create a first piece for evaluation in an economical way, easily workable, before starting mass production.
3D printing techniques also make it possible to deal with short-run productions, maybe too low in number to be achievable with conventional molding methods.

Once it's verified that the file is printable (sometimes defects in the file or characteristics of the object make the object itself unprintable) we will make it happen as quickly as possible.
The file must be in .stl format and the materials in which we can achieve it, unless explicit required, are ABS and PLA, two common types of plastic.

Contact us for more informations

NOTE: we only accept orders for objects for which you own the rights or that are in the public domain.


Spare parts for 3D printers created by the same machine that will use them.

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3D Print
3D Print
3D Print