Cartesian 750mmx400mm

Cartesian axes printer designed to create large objects.
Its features allow to produce low-cost prototypes without the common size limitations of the most widespread 3D printers.

The aluminium structure is firm and stable to avoid risks to the user or the machine.
The printer is equipped with two extruders, which allows simultaneous printing of two materials or colours.
The ceramic bed and thermal insulation ensure optimal temperature maintenance, obtaining high performance even with thermosensitive materials.
The machine is equipped with retractable wheels for ease of movement without the risk of being moved by mistake.

ODINO is currently in the final stages of prototyping.

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Printing area
Width750 mm
Depth400 mm
Height400 mm
Total volume
Width1450 mm
Depth1100 mm
Height1900 mm
Max extruder temperature260°C
Max bed temperature100°C
Power consumption1.9 kW
Temperature range-20°C