Delta 180mmx180mm

Delta printer of common dimensions and single extruder.

This printer is designed to be a good compromise between cost and functionality; its efficiency is garanteed by a precision aluminium structure. The use of a single extruder and the limited size allow to contain the costs and therefore the final price. In addition, the compact dimensions make it a suitable option for those who have space constrains.
The machine is equipped with thermal insulation to help working with materials which are affected by temperature changes such as ABS, but without adding excessive bulk and weight to the overall structure.

Most of the prototype, but the mechanical structure, was made using recycled materials to contain costs, but also because we believe it's wrong and ineffective to waste and we see great potential in recycling and the ability to reinvent a use for objects or materials considered obsolete.

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Printing area
Width180 mm
Depth180 mm
Height200 mm
Total volume
Width500 mm
Depth500 mm
Height1000 mm
Weight20 kg
Max extruder temperature260°C
Max bed temperature100°C
Power consumption500 W
Temperatures range-20°C