Heating plates
Temperature-controlled by a microcontroller

Our aluminium heating plates are temperature-controlled by a microcontroller, using proprietary firmware developed by elettronicamicro, that precisely regulates the temperature in a range that goes from 40 to 150 degrees centigrade.

Its main function is to avoid sudden changes in temperature in precision work, where a constant temperature is necessary, such as the replacement of smartphones and tablets' screens or the heating of chemical products such as acetone, used to refine and reshape the details of 3D printed ABS objects.

It is possible to check the temperature reached and the target set at any time thanks to an LCD display and simple controls. The machine remembers the last temperature set.

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Working area
Width320 mm
Depth160 mm
Height20 mm
Width390 mm
Depth310 mm
Height80 mm
Weight6 kg
Max temperature150°C
Power consumption1.5 kW
Temperature range-20°C
Heating plate
Heating plate
Heating plate